Prayer Update

This week in HFI .... Pray for :
  1. Brothers and sisters in the Gaza Strip. The "sons of thunder" just opened our new "underground" accounting office which is serving for accounting as well as a place for our new converts to meet with our guys and be discipled. Prayer, Bible study etc. will also take place here. They are going through an online Bible study together with leaders there and will need your prayers for favor and understanding. 
  2. Pray for the leaders as the "enemy" seems to keep a front line attack alive and well with distractions such as health issue etc. pray for healing and health as they minister.
  3. Pray for our principal in the kindergarten in Gaza, Nasreen, who is a recent convert to Jesus from Islam. She was been being discipled by a fellow believer in our church in Bethlehem. However, the connection has been broken, our sister in Bethlehem is too busy to connect with Nasreen in Gaza. We need another sister, in the area who speaks Arabic, who can connect with Nasreen and help continue discipling her. it is a touchy situation since our people in Gaza are all in separate places and for security cannot connect with each other.
Thanks for your love and concern for our people in the Gaza Strip.
Be sure to join us for prayer in our zoom prayer room every weekday morning, 8:00am CDT. Go online, download the app and click "CONNECT" then click "Zoom Prayer Room" to register to join.
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Karen Abu Saada - March 21st, 2022 at 2:13pm

Excited to join in!

Mirva Maki - April 28th, 2022 at 6:14am

Shalom shalom from Jerusalem…

I think that Nasreen should be no 1 , to take care, cause she is new in faith.

Is there any another sister who could take care? Maybe some one from Jerusalem ,Nazareth,Haifa ? There is new born again christian arabs . It’s pity that everyone is so busy that no time to teach or fellowship with her, who is just starting new life in Christ.

Myself I can’t help her but praying for her.

God bless christians in Gaza.