First Easter

We were walking in shock, unable to talk.  The events of the past few days still overwhelming our hearts and minds.  The silence was deafening and depressing.  Perhaps rejoining extended family in the hope that long familiar spaces might restore some semblance of normality to our traumatized and confused emotions. This was far from what we had hoped for or planned.  We meandered wondering if our friends were going as crazy as we felt.  Slowly words began to form sentences and we started to debrief together.    
We had hardly begun to express ourselves when this guy walked up beside us.  He slowed and matched our pace.  Our mood and tone must have been apparent as he inquired with kind interest.  “What’s got you two so down?”   We told him.  He immediately seemed to understand the bigger picture of what was happening through the events we’d shared.  He insightfully disclosed how our Torah and the Prophets foretold that Messiah must suffer.  Passages we had heard but overlooked as we thought of the Kingdom of God, he openly revealed to us afresh, igniting a new hope and kindling a new fire in our hearts as he held us securely with his explanations. 
Later, after we pressed him to stay with us for a meal, he lifted bread and gave a familiar blessing.   Instantly we recognized Jesus!  I have no idea why we did not recognize him before, but before we could react, he had simply vanished!  We cried out feeling the rich peace of the God’s presence; overjoyed at having seen, heard and walked with him!
Immediately we set off for Jerusalem to tell the others!  As we hurried back, the fire in our hearts grew as we digested his words and the implications of seeing him alive.  Upon arrival, we burst in finding our friends much as we had left them.  We quickly shared the news of walking with him and hearing him explain everything, but people were giving mixed responses.  What will it take for them all to believe and understand, I mused? 
My heart skipped a beat as I heard his clear voice again. “Peace be with you!”  Jesus had spoken “peace” and we all felt it!  Jesus is undeniably alive!    
Now much later, I find my heart still burns as I watch how the Holy Spirit tutors us deeper into His saving ways.  Celebrating the miracle of His risen life, we actively seek what the Lord will show us today to keep our hearts aflame for Him...
O Lord, may the hearts of all your people continue to burn with the goodness and glory, the joy and miracle wonder of knowing and following You. 
Cleopas of the Burning Heart

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Karen - April 28th, 2022 at 2:37pm

I really am intrigued by your pseudonym.