Daily Postures for Holy Fire

Constant Focus: Attending the Fire
Prayer:  Risen Son, I reflect on how long we were walking together along the road to Emmaus before I recognized it was you Jesus.  You intentionally waited to reveal yourself.  You approached us.  You initiated a conversation that started what felt like a new friendship.  You disclosed your heart and your mind to me through the scriptures.  Yet, I could not tell it was you Jesus.  I did note the draw into your life as the scriptures became clearer.  The link between what was prophesied in the passages you shared and what had just happened that weekend overlapped in an undeniable way and reframed my understanding and hope. You revealed knowledge and understanding to me.  And you revealed yourself to me.  Holy One, I confess I need this from you all the time.  Sometimes you are doing things that you keep hidden until you want me to see them.  Help me to attend you well.  Help me to wait on you well.  This moment may be the instant where you break in and show me something!  Let me be anticipating your revelation disclosures throughout the moments of my days.  Let me seek you, look for you and discover how you are speaking.  The scriptures, your Spirit, creation, others in the church, my circumstances, my challenges and difficulties; oh Lord open my ears and the eyes of my heart to see you in them all!  More grace!  Help me grow into your ways as I worship you in Spirit and in truth.  Continue to open my spiritual eyes and ears to be able to discern what you are doing and saying better.  Sharpen me.  Let me live like you did as you honored your heavenly Father.  I don’t want to miss even a small part of what you are wanting me to behold, to hear and to know about You.  I worship you Holy One!  (Deuteronomy 18:18 and John 12 :49)
Cleopas of the Burning Heart

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Eileen - May 20th, 2022 at 3:59pm

What a treasure trove I have just discovered today in these beautiful prayers!!! To express our hearts So beautifully and clearly in ways we feel but most of us could never put into words it’s truly a gift from heaven to be able to pray along with you And find expression so thankful for the gifts of the Holy Spirit he gives to each of us through each other.