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It's been an amazing time in Germany! Tass's past 10 days have been event filled and getting the message of HFI out to the people God has sent him to.  Here is a quick report from our director in Germany, Veronika.
4/26 Prayer house Obernbreit and Free Evangelical Church Kitzingen, Wuerzburg area, Bavaria Germany.

In the morning the sisters farewell committee sang a blessing to us as we left Frankfurt area in the centre district of Hessen and headed out to Bavaria, south-east of Germany.

For lunch, we visited  a small but historic and picturesque village called Obernbreit in Würzburg area. Paula and Manfred lead a prayer house there which has the core aim for reconciliation between Jews and Arabs. Loving and studying on Israel topics, they came across a book not too long ago pointing out the need of Ishmael standing at the edge and waiting to be welcomed not only into the body of Christ, but also given their right as an heir in the land of Israel.

Since this discovery they had been praying for both sides, Jews and Arabs. And as they heard Tass is coming to Germany Paula and Manfred did a great effort to invite him to their prayer house but also connected us to the Free Evangelical Congregation in Kitzingen, a town close by.
At the prayer house they were desperate to learn more about the roots of the conflict between Jews and Arabs. The group was digging deep with many questions and we ended the meeting talking about modern day politics and end time happenings. As Tass demonstrated on his knees how God created Adam the atmosphere of holy tension rose to its climax.

For the evening we moved on to speak at the Free Evangelical Congregation in Kitzingen. The Pastor Johannes Gessner has an amazing heart and calling for mission especially amongst Muslims. He himself visits different countries all around the globe regularly to minister and spread the Gospel. Not only the sparkling eyes of the Iranian converts at that congregation gave proof of that heart, but also the very open hearts of the German audience to receive Tass’ calling to sow seeds like Charly and Mariyam did in his life.

After the evening program we took the two hours drive to Stuttgart area, where we stayed for the following days.


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Diana - May 12th, 2022 at 5:09pm

This link was on my feed this morning.

It is to raise awareness of the plight of Palestinian Arabs under Israeli authority. As an American Christian, I know Ishmael and Issac have deep family issues over theological differences. I know Esau is at odds and has political differences with Jacob. So thankful that HFI brings all of us to Jesus and lets the Holy Spirit teach us how to walk in grace and truth and lead with love.