Morning Prayer

Worshipping.....   So, this is the peace – the Shalom – the rest of God!  Wow.  (pause)  Just the deep experience of You, Holy One.  (pause) Tears of gratitude burst forth again, your forgiveness so completely disarming us here with You. Exposed defenseless before You, we offer full on prostrate worship. (breathe and pause) And You come and lift our heads and our faces, refreshing your peace in our spirits.  
Musing in prayer with God....
It’s been rumored that the Temple Curtain that shields the priests from the Holy Place had been rent in two - top to bottom – so that the approach into Your presence has been opened.  Whether rumor or true, for us it is certainly so!  And we worship You, the long-awaited desire of our hearts. (pause)
What will today bring?  We find ourselves dead to the world and alive in you.  All that was normal before knowing you has been reset and seems a fading shadow memory, blown away in this glorious light of your nearness.  Beautiful One, You who have made wrong things right for us, we offer ourselves to live to your praise…(pause and breathe).  Holy One reveal ever richer expressions to live to your praise as we press into the limitlessness of your goodness.  As we revel in Your peace today, lead on Oh Lord God and strengthen us to stay with You, who have promised to stay with us!
Cleopas of the Burning Heart

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Eileen Williams - May 20th, 2022 at 3:46pm

This moved me deeply How wonderful To have the gift to Express something so inexpressible. Truly a gift and I am so thankful to have received.