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Consumed and controlled by one’s own desires.

* Pray for the millions gripped by lust to call on Jesus and find deliverance.

* Pray for victims of sexual violence to find victory, comfort, and healing in Jesus.

* Pray for eyes to be opened to see men and women as God does – equal in worth.

Those unfamiliar with the Muslim world commonly assume that since women are often covered in public there must not be a problem with lust and illicit sexual behavior. In reality, women are covered in Muslim countries because both men and women believe that women’s beauty is a dangerous, irresistible temptation to men. Thus, society holds uncovered women responsible when men molest or rape them.

Both the Quran (33:50) and the Hadith (al-Bukhari 1.268) present Muhammad as a man with an insatiable sexual appetite. He married sixteen women and had a large harem. He encouraged all Muslim men who could afford it to have four wives (Q 4:3). In the Quran, Paradise is a place where Muslim men are given virgin maidens for pleasure (Q 4.57, 55.56, 78.33). In spite of the conservative surface appearance, Muslim societies are often very sexualized. Both men and women see women as sexual objects.

When we met in a bar in Beirut, we loved the Lebanese young adult social life of drinking and sex. After three years living together, our families forced us to get married. During the wedding we committed to being faithful, but failed.

I had no self-control and continued seeing other women in secret. And, although she hid them, Halima also had two early flings. After three years, our marriage was failing. When Halima learned about my infidelity, she felt betrayed and plunged into depression.

When her friend Fatima asked her why she was unhappy, Halima confided in her. Fatima and her husband befriended us, and told us the amazing story of their coming to faith in Christ and how their marriage was improving.

In desperation, we both decided to turn to Jesus. With the help of the Spirit, we were eventually delivered from lust. It was tough for me to resist temptation the first few years, but our marriage is slowly getting better. Jesus is transforming our lust into love!



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In personal relationships, Muslims tend to live by the famous Arab proverb: “I against my brothers. I and my brothers against my cousins. I and my brothers and my cousins against the world.” Trust is given first to the closest of relationships and diminishes with distance. Sadly, this well-known proverb accurately reflects the way relationships often work among Muslims.

In the West, trust is (generally) initially granted to others, and is lost when that trust is broken. In Eastern cultures, the opposite is true. People are generally viewed with suspicion from the start. Trust must be earned over time. In addition, the less you have in common religiously, culturally, and linguistically, the less trust there will ever be.

Trust is a precious commodity in the Muslim world. Telling “little white lies” may, at times, be acceptable to avoid shame and save face, so one may never know the true motives behind others’ words and actions.

Growing up in a very conservative Muslim family in Morocco, I learned to be suspicious of just about everyone – including relatives and close friends! My father taught us that it was dangerous to trust people, especially with personal information that could be used against us in some way. We ended up telling many “white lies” to others.

Then I met James, a British teacher at my university. He invited our small class to his home, and I met his wife and children. Over the course of the semester we had deep conversations about religion and culture and relationships. He was a kind, honest, and trustworthy man – in private as well as in public.

He told me how Jesus changed his life and how Jesus could change mine as well. It took me a long time, but I started trusting and following Jesus during my last year at university! James continues to help me grow in my faith to this day.


  • Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to those isolated and looking for someone to trust.
  • Pray for eyes to be opened to God as their good, loving, and trustworthy Father.
  • Pray for the Truth to deliver Muslims from lies and restore their ability to trust.
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Ali’s Testimony

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WOMEN – keepers of the family’s honor.

Dear friends,

Today we want to focus on a very unspoken and often volatile issue in the Muslim world. Women.

The Quran and Islamic traditions (sunna) are both positive and negative toward women. Sometimes women are considered equal in the Quran (9:72, 16:97, 33:35). But in 2:228, men have authority over women, and in 2:282 the testimony of a woman is worth half that of a man. In 4:34, an admittedly controversial verse, a husband is encouraged to beat a disobedient wife.

Because of the great variety of their cultural, geographic, and socio-economic backgrounds, it is difficult to generalize about the world’s approximately 800 million Muslim women.

Sadly, millions of Muslim women also suffer. They work with little or no pay. They endure abuse. They even risk being killed by a male relative if they do anything to bring shame upon the family. 200 million women in the world today (half of them from Indonesia, Egypt, and Ethiopia) are scarred by female genital mutilation.

Prayer Points for Muslim Women

* Pray for deliverance, comfort, and healing for the abused, neglected, and oppressed.

* Pray for women to know and experience the intimate and personal love of Jesus.

* Pray for Jesus’ unconditional love to be the new foundation of their identity and value.

Watch this heartfelt video:

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MUSLIMS IN USA “who will love them? who will tell them?”

Dear Friends,

Today, we are praying for the Muslims living in America.

In recent years Muslim refugees have come to America seeking safety and security. There were an estimated 3.45 million Muslims in the US in 2018, about 1% of the total population. That number grows by roughly 100,000 per year.

While some American Christians embrace welcoming and befriending Muslim neighbors, many others are afraid. Exciting opportunities abound for believers in America to love Muslims and share the Gospel with those who have likely never encountered it before.

Prayer Points:
* Pray Jesus will speak Scripture to them, even Scripture they had never heard before.

* Pray for the lonely and brokenhearted to find healing, hope, and love in Jesus.

* Pray for deep friendships with believers who will lovingly lead them to Christ.

MUSLIMS IN USA “who will love them? who will tell them?”

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Shame And Honor In The Muslim World.

Dear friends,

Today I want to focus on the Shame that is foundational in Muslim societies because nearly all Muslims live in group-oriented cultures. If a person or family is shamed or dishonored, they can, at a minimum, maintain a grudge for a lifetime. More extreme reactions to shame and honor include revenge, shunning, or even murder.

* Pray for those desperate for mercy, forgiveness, and acceptance to find it in Jesus.
* Pray for Muslims to experience the honor of being adopted into God’s family.
* Pray for Muslims’ shame to be replaced by everlasting joy through Jesus Christ.

Video: Shame And Honor In The Muslim World. “shackled by the dishonor of past actions.”

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THE MUSLIM WORLD – proud, ancient history, civilization, and culture.

Dear friends,

Today, I ask you to pray for the Mulism people because they have a proud and ancient history. Their culture has heard Satan speak lies so there will always be in battle with themselfs, other Muslims, and Western civilization, which stops them from hearing the Salvation message.

* Pray for comfort, provision, and healing for those traumatized, suffering, and isolated.
* Pray for curiosity to know more about the Christian faith they see around them.
* Pray for Muslims to be invited into the homes and lives of Jesus followers.

Please watch this video: “THE MUSLIM WORLD – proud, ancient history, civilization, and culture.”

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SAFIYA’S STORY transformed by Christian love

Dear friends,
I would like to share another story with you today.
A story of Grace, Mercy and Love of a True God.

SAFIYA'S STORY transformed by Christian love

Click here to read more: https://www.prayercast.com/safiya.html

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HAJJ (PILGRIMAGE) – The fifth pillar of Islam

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HAJJ (PILGRIMAGE) – The fifth pillar of Islam

My dear friends. Muslims around the world are commanded to travel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia the holiest mosque in Islam to worship their Allah. There is a shrine in Mecca, known as the Ka’aba. This travel is know as HAJJ or pilgrimage. Currently, millions of Muslims are making the journey to Mecca to fulfill a religious ritual.

Muslims believe Mecca is the Holy City of Allah. They also believe the shine was originally built by Adam, but destroyed in Noah’s time, and then rebuilt by Abraham and his son Ishmael. In 610 AD, Muhammad reclaimed the Ka’aba and the whole city for Allah (Quran 22:26-28).

Now is the time to pray for Muslims to receive visions and dreams.
Now is the time to pray that their eyes would be opened to the futility and emptiness of each religious ritual.
Now is the time to pray that pilgrims would be transformed into disciples of Jesus.
Now is the time to pray that Jesus Christ would reveal Himself.

Please watch the video and continue to pray daily for the Muslims of the world during this season of travel.

Video Source https://www.prayercast.com/hajj-pilgrimage.html

What You See with Your Eyes is Never the Whole Story

Ephesians 6:10-12 (NLT) A final word: Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

Any time innocent people are hurt and murdered, it grieves us all. It’s easy to see the stories we read of the attacks and think that what we are seeing is the whole story. But we are reminded in Ephesians 6, that the real battle is taking place on a spiritual stage. And there is likely no soil on earth that has been scorched more by spiritual battle than the very place where Jesus came to earth and conquered sin and death for all of mankind.

Living in this beautiful and broken land, we hear many stories of hurt, fear and anger from our friends on both sides of the line. We are deeply moved by the stories of these people we care so much for, however, as an organization, and in agreement with our partner organizations, we do not take sides in the politics of the region. We believe that we are called to point ALL to the Messiah. God sent his son to earth with one agenda … to seek and to save those who are lost (Luke 19:11).  However, as believers, it’s all to easy to become confused and believe that our agenda is God’s agenda.  As one of our volunteers put it, “The difficulty is to feel the pain in people’s stories, while also finding ways to speak truth about reconciliation rather than resentment of an entire people group.”

Please know that safety is not our main concern. At least not physical safety. This is a spiritual battle and the stakes are high. We count it a privilege to have been placed here for such a time as this. Please join the battle with us on your knees. We covet your prayers of peace and reconciliation through Christ, now more than ever!