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Prayer Request – Kelly

Prayer Request – Kelly.

Good morning, Tass,

I have been trying to follow your Prayer posts – they are very informative!

Please pray for my neighbors from the Middle East. The husband has lived and worked in the States for awhile, and they recently married and his wife moved here in April and is learning English and getting used to American culture. The husband flew home to visit his family last week, and I didn’t know he was gone.

I took them a couple of fresh peaches, but no one answered the door, so I left them on the front step. I started to walk back across the street, but she slowly opened the door and motioned me to come inside. “My husband is not here, please come in.” So she invited me into her home for tea, and I have been visiting her in the evenings to help with her English lessons. She started classes at (JCCC) this week, and I think she was nervous, so I encouraged her.
I invited her into my home too, and she was grateful for the invitation. We are becoming fast friends. 😊 She is very smart and sweet, and her husband is generous to us. His brother’s family lives in Olathe.
* Pray for open hearts, and that I would listen to the Holy Spirit for the right time to share the Good News.