Humanitarian Aid

There is no shortage of need throughout the West Bank and Gaza. Through our partnerships with other non-profit organizations, HFI has been able to facilitate bringing in medical teams to run clinics, give eye exams, provide wheelchairs, and oversee in home physical therapy visits. We work with humanitarian organizations to provide Food Distribution to those in need, and are ready to mobilize our efforts for emergency care and relief when fighting erupts in the area. We also work with local governments to drill for water in both Jericho and Gaza, ensuring that residents have access to this very basic necessity.



HFI supports a preschool and daycare in Jerusalem and Jericho, and a kindergarten in Jericho, which provide safe environments for children to learn and grow, and encourages them to explore other cultures, nationalities and religions. We also support local cultural centers that provide educational enrichment for older children and teenagers with after school programs as well as continuing education classes for adults. Those classes include first aid, child development, english, art, computer, chess, sports teams and even aerobic exercise. In addition to these classes, we also support a bi weekly bible study. Within the community there is a small population of Palestinians whose family line, for many generations, has always been Christian. However, many of them don’t understand what relationship with Christ looks like. It is our joy to talk through the Bible with them every week, discipling them, and leading them into a walk with God.


Economic Development

As a result of political instability within the region, economic instability is still a huge factor for many families living in the West Bank. While the area is considered a Palestinian Territory, it is controlled by the Israeli government, which results in a lack of access to land and resources in the Israeli-controlled areas, import and export restrictions, and a high-cost capital structure for the Palestinians who live there. In order to support the community, HFI cooperates with local governments, and international organizations by supporting existing business, job growth and creation, and encouraging business start-ups. We are proud of the relationships we have developed and the business we have supported through these efforts.

All of these programs and partnerships provide assistance and opportunity for connections to develop on a deeper level. We would love to partner with you to spread hope in Jerusalem and the West Bank.