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When God asks you to choose Him over your dreams

Addie Abu Saada shares her story of what amazing things God can do in our lives if we are just willing to surrender our dreams and what we want, and allow Him to move in Great ways.

It All Started With A Broken Family … And A Promise

Once Upon A Time … We often make a crucial mistake when reading the account of Abraham and his family in the book of Genesis. When we read the story, we see Abraham and Sarah, Abraham and Hagar, Sarah and Hagar or Isaac and Ishmael. Actually, it’s probably more accurate to say, we see Abraham […]

13.1 Miles for a Great Cause

Meet Ian.   On March 22, 2015 he started a GoFundMe site to raise $3,500 for LHP, in a half marathon he was running on March 29, 2015. That meant only seven days for this fundraiser to take place. His congregation had generously agreed to match the donations dollar for dollar, and so with only a week to […]