New Program Launching (February 2020)

The vision of Lead With Love is to use the more than 25 years of Tass and Karen Saada’s ministry experience to train Christians worldwide to reach their Muslim neighbors with God’s love revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Muslim Outreach Training Curriculum

• Comprehensive educational training curriculum based on the ministry of the Saadas during their time in the Middle East.

• The curriculum will be grounded on the books Once an Arafat Man and The Mind of Terror with new study material written by Karen Saada and Farah Saada Marvil.

• Training will be a six to eight week course taught simulcast by Farah Saada Marvil, Karen Saada, and other members of the HFI Training Team who are other experienced Muslim Outreach Ministers or Muslim Background Believers. Every week the participants will be challenged to put into practice what has been discussed in the lessons. Some may be reflective
and internal, others may require engagement with a Muslim neighbor or coworker. Every lesson will have a short devotional with a sample prayer and suggested focus of prayer for the
Muslim world/10/40 Window.

• Resources created by the Abu Saada’s will help focus on deep rooted and complex topics and cross cultural issues that are obstacles for Muslims to come to faith. Their messages also
convey the challenges faced by Tass following his conversion to Christianity and their life in the U.S., Gaza, Jericho and Jerusalem.

• Video and written testimonies from converts will serve to break down walls of fear, prejudice, stereotypes and other misconceptions of the Muslim world by understanding the Muslim heart, worldview and identity.

It is our end goal to disciple Muslims toward a genuine faith in Jesus, creating disciples that will in turn produce a disciple-making movement resulting in transformed families and communities around the world through the love of Christ.

Partnership Opportunities

1. Pray for the Hope for Ishmael team as we spread the vision in the United States, as well as for our global vision. Become a prayer partner with HFI:

2. Give generously to Hope for Ishmael to continue the work of educating and equipping the church for outreach to Muslims locally and globally.

3. Invite us to speak at your church, small group, or organization to share what God wants to do through the church for the Muslim world, and to train your church or organization through our comprehensive training curriculums.

4. Share the vision and mission of Hope for Ishmael with friends and family and offer the opportunity to partner with us.

5. Ask about our Holy Land tours. Your group can experience the culture and learn to make a difference by going on a tour together!