Praying for Muslims in America.

Pray for Godly leaders to arise in churches, government, and society.

Pray for national repentance of sin, immorality, and selfishness.

Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church, bringing another Great Awakening.

The U.S. has a rich Christian history and was founded on Biblical principles and values. Freedom to exercise religion was written into the constitution and has drawn many to its shores to escape persecution. A number of widespread Awakenings and revivals have swept across the country, and the many evangelical movements and organizations founded here have impacted the world. America remains the world’s largest missionary-sending country.

Even so, the Church faces alarming decline. Roughly 78% of Americans claim to be Christian, yet only 31% of adults say that faith is important in their life. Consumerism, moral relativism, immorality, and an independent mindset have infected nearly every part of society, including the Church. Satisfaction is sought primarily through pleasure and materialism. This nation holds unparalleled resources and potential to influence the world for good and spread the Gospel. Yet it stands in desperate need of revival.

Today the U.S. faces deep political and societal divisions. Many moral questions have moved from the social to political spheres, with ongoing debates on the legalization of issues such as abortion, same-sex marriage, and physician-assisted suicide. Mass shootings have plagued the nation, and issues of immigration have become volatile. While racial equality has improved a great deal after a long and ugly past of slavery, recent racial tensions have continued to spark violent protests. It’s time for a revival for all people who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ.