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While supporting organizations in a volatile and political part of the world, Hope for Ishmael is intentionally non-political, for the express purpose of showing the light of true peace of Christ to both Arabs and Jews. Seeking to support the needs of the communities in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, we fund programs that offer aid, education and economic development to the local community.

For the global church, Hope for Ishmael provides opportunities for individuals, organizations and local churches to invest deeply in the lives and hearts of those communities we serve in the Holy Land. We also offer training and materials that educate believers and gives them the tools to reach their Jewish and Muslim neighbors and co-workers with Good News of Christ.

  • Empower and Inspire

    through strategic partnerships that make a significant investment in the communities of the Holy Land.

  • Engage

    the next generation of missions through exciting internship opportunities for believing Christians, college age and above.

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We want to show you the beauty of the Holy Land,

and let you meet the people who live there.

Your group will visit historic sites throughout Israel, as well as work with local organizations serving communities that are often marginalized and forgotten. Re-discover your passion for the scriptures and your joy for ministering to others, all in one trip!


You were made to make a difference!

Plant Hope is our exciting missions opportunity that gives you first-hand knowledge of a different culture, the chance to invest in the lives of others, and be a catalyst for change in the community.  Apply for one of our short-term or long-term internships today!