• Lead with Love

    The vision of Lead With Love is to use the more than 25 years of Tass and Karen Saada’s ministry experience to train Christians worldwide to reach their Muslim neighbors with God’s love revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Hope for Ishmael is an organization funded by the generosity of people who desire to be a part of it’s mission. We are committed to sharing the truth of freedom in Christ and the power of reconciliation to the Father and to one another . We are committed to inspiring, training, and equipping Christians to be intentional in this pursuit.

Thank you for becoming a partner of Hope for Ishmael and it’s mission to spread the love of Christ throughout the world.


Our Hands Plant Hope through strategic and sustainable initiatives.


Our schools provide a unique environment that reinforces self-esteem, inspires creativity, and teaches conflict resolution skills for children living in continuous political conflict and unrest.

Hope for gaza

The Gaza Strip has a population of 1.8M people, in the space of 140 square miles (2x the size of Washington D.C.), with an unemployment rate of 46%. TWO AREAS of need HFI/Hope for Gaza has viewed as most dire: 1) Due to the pollution and lack of ground water, UN Studies have confirmed that only 3% of public water in Gaza is consumable. 2) The power situation in Gaza is even greater an issue with shortages that can stretch to 18 hours, power alternatives to keep the well producing is an area of great concern The Gaza Strip is a little talked about HUMANITARIAN CRISIS. But Jesus continues to appear in visions and dreams to the young men. It is HFI’s determination to keep a team “at the ready” for those who are searching for the “one in their dream”.

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