"And the Lord added to their number..."

This morning in our prayer room, we had a great testimony from the "sons of thunder" across the ocean. They are experiencing God "adding to their number day by day. "  (Acts 2:47)  He has added a new brother, delivered from Islam!
He was watching his friends and how they are so joyful. He was observing that their lives have changed. And even though their circumstances haven't changed, their lives reflect a joy that is not natural. He asked them, "What has changed your life?" And so, they told him-- Jesus!  And he wanted what they have so they prayed with him and he received.
It is really, that simple!  Yes believers, brothers and sisters, it really is that simple. Jesus gospel IS that simple... keep it simple and let's follow their example... live Jesus in front of your unsaved friends and they WILL want what you have.  
Celebrate with us and all the angels singing in heaven today over this new one!

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Nikki - March 30th, 2022 at 9:43pm

So wonderful to hear! And so true; the lived Gospel is extremely attractive! Amen. God bless those sons of thunder.