Homosexuality and those trapped in generational cycles of abuse and isolation.

Now that Western media openly advocates homosexuality, more Muslims are noticing and reacting against those practicing it. Listen to “Abu-Zar’s” Story and how the sin-cleansing power of Jesus Christ saved him.


  • Pray for the power of God to end generational cycles of abuse and shame.
  • Pray for women to find the intimacy they long for in Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the restoration of marriages as God intended .

“Abu-Zar’s” Story. As a young teenager, older teens sodomized me, trying to prove their sexual virility. A proverb from my hometown, says, “Even the crows cover their butts when they fly.” They raped me as if I was a weak, passive girl. Later my uncle treated me like a sex toy. I, in turn, preyed on younger boys to prove that I was not effeminate and weak.

I married in my late twenties in order to prove my virility and honor my family. I did not know how to love my wife, and I abused her violently. When I fled my homeland with my wife and son as refugees, we encountered Afghan Christians who told me about the sin-cleansing power of Jesus Christ.

Many prayed for me, and after a deep struggle with many tears, I confessed my shame, guilt, and violent life. I accepted Christ into my life! My wife says that the change in the way I treat her is astonishing.

* Until European colonialism, the word ‘homosexual’ was unknown among Muslims – but the practice of sodomy was. Men in power sodomized slaves and prisoners or engaged in sex with ‘toy boys.’ Even the Turks sodomized Lawrence of Arabia when captured.

Homosexual acts were known to the Bedouin, and homoerotic literature circulated in the courts of the Abbasid Empire (750-1258AD) and among unmarried Ottoman troops. Arabs introduced sodomy along the east coast of Africa with the slave trade.

Muhammad considered sodomy abominable and called the men “Luti” (after Lot’s crisis in Sodom). Muhammad specified no punishment, but later jurists argued for the death penalty – something militant jihadists regularly obey today. Lesbian acts were not addressed.

Three cultural factors increase the frequency of Muslim homosexuality: delayed marriages, limited contact between the sexes, and bravado among men. These lead to generational cycles of abuse, shame, fear of exposure, and predatory behavior.